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50-minute individual session

In a typical 50-minute therapy session, we may start with a mindfulness meditation or a check-in to center ourselves. From there, you have the freedom to share what you would like to focus on, whether it's a specific issue, a recent event, or an ongoing challenge.


At times, you may not have a specific topic to discuss during a therapy session, and that is perfectly fine. We can refer to the therapeutic goals we have set together and explore various areas of your life or experiences to find meaningful topics to discuss. The session remains an opportunity for reflection, exploration, and growth, even when there is no specific agenda in mind.In some instances, therapy homework may be beneficial to support the application of learned techniques outside of therapy or to further explore realizations from therapy.

90-minute individual session

A 90-minute session may be beneficial for you in several situations. At times, a 50-minute therapy session may not provide sufficient time to address all your needs, especially in times of emotional crisis. In such cases, a longer session of 90 minutes allows for additional time to delve deeper into the crisis, explore emotions, provide immediate support, and develop strategies for coping and moving forward. 

If you find it challenging to commit to regular weekly or biweekly sessions, the longer session can accommodate a less frequent or irregular schedule that aligns with your availability.


Additionally, if your nervous system requires more time to settle into and transition out of therapy sessions, the extended duration allows for a smoother transition

Sound Healing Session


Payments Accepted:

 All payments are made through private pay. I accept:

  • Cash

  • Health savings account (HSA),

  • Debit card, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

 I do not participate in insurance networks.

However, I am able to provide you with a superbill that contains all the necessary information for potential reimbursement from your insurance company. It's important for you to reach out to your insurance provider to determine if they offer out-of-network coverage and if they will reimburse you for the services received.

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